Illuminating Supernatural Fiction, Horror, and the Gothic

from Mary Shelley to H. P. Lovecraft

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It's a chilly night of bright fires, witches' Sabbaths, widely held superstitions, roaming demon dogs, and a sky filled with reveling ghosts, hags, wizards, devils, goblins, imps, specters, and skeletons. And it takes place in the spring??? Indeed: approximately six mo...

Romance has always had a dark side: something sinister, possessive, even fatal lurks behind the desire to attract and be attracted. For centuries something spiritual – even supernatural – has been suspected in the ways of lovers in the night. Shakespeare called love-ma...

One of the earliest memories I have of Hallowe’en is watching Disney’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” I was thrilled by the almost relaxing chaos of a world turned topsy-turvy by spooks and ghosts. Perhaps life was out of our hands, perhaps we had to be careful where w...

Why should Christmas have all the fun? Oldstyle Tales proudly presents a literary advent calendar for your favorite season. Each day has a writer along with the best known work and a link to a lesser known, deeply Halloweenish story that we recommend. And hey, if you'r...

21 Oct 2015

With Hallowe’en – that most atmospheric and imaginative of all holidays – brewing on the horizon, I thought it might be fitting to take a moment to think about the sorts of horror stories that best suit that august occasion. Here I’ve detailed seven of the most all-can...

It's a culture swarming in mystery and the macabre; it gave us Hallowe'en and jack-o-lanterns, Dracula and Carmilla, headless horsemen and banshees; and  a host of masterful literary minds -- wildly imaginative and unsettlingly powerful. Ireland has contributed mo...

"There'll be scary ghost stories and tales of the glories of Christmases long, long ago.."

 Or so the carol tells us. To most Americans, this snippet from the Andy Williams classic has remained an anachronistic -- even disturbing -- oddity. Who tells scary stories at Ch...

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The Phantom of the Opera: Inspirations, Interpretations, and a Deep Analysis -- a Spooky Spotlight on Gaston Leroux's Gothic Novel

9 Jun 2019

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