The Phantom of the Opera: Inspirations, Interpretations, and a Deep Analysis -- a Spooky Spotlight on Gaston Leroux's Gothic Novel

9 Jun 2019

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Illuminating Supernatural Fiction, Horror, and the Gothic

from Mary Shelley to H. P. Lovecraft

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As we all know, Arthur Conan Doyle was the most significant contributor to the detective story genre – what Verne and Wells were to science fiction, or what Tolkein and Lewis were to fantasy. And yet – unlike his fellow sleuth writers Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers...

Doyle’s final great horror story is truly a worthy swan song – a tale who’s science fiction maintains a level of effective awe in spite of having been categorically disproven by aviators a mere decade after being written. And indeed the tale is science fiction, fitting...

Arthur Conan Doyle’s role in the evolution of the malevolent mummy trope was just as fundamental as Stoker’s contributions to the vampire, Stevenson’s to the werewolf, and Shelley’s to the science fiction monster. While “Thoth” succeeded in breaking the mummy out of it...

No collection of Victorian Era ghost stories would be complete without a glance into the troubling relationship between Britain and her colonies. Rudyard Kipling’s “At the End of the Passage” and B.M. Croker’s “‘To Let’” are brilliant examples of how invading a foreign...

Perhaps the most famous short story featuring the Great Detective – second only to “A Scandal in Bohemia” if at all – “The Speckled Band” was also Doyle’s favorite. When he compiled a list of his twelve favorites, it stood at the top, and remained there when he expande...

Doyle’s first recorded short story – a rejected horror story called “The Haunted Grange of Goresthorpe,” which was later recycled into 1883’s comical “The Ghosts of Goresthorpe” – was a ghost story written in the Victorian tradition. His first published supernatural ta...

Unquestionably, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is considered the most significant contributor to the detective story genre – what Verne and Wells are to science fiction, what Tolkein and Lewis are to fantasy, Doyle is to that genre. And yet – unlike his fellow sleuth writers A...

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