Illuminating Supernatural Fiction, Horror, and the Gothic

from Mary Shelley to H. P. Lovecraft

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28 Jan 2014

While the weird tale and horror fiction existed in Britain long before the Edwardian Era (fl. 1895 - 1919), this period was certainly the zenith of supernatural fiction in the English-speaking world. Although the Victorians boasted a handful of truly excellent supernat...

27 Nov 2013

{ Excerpted from the up-coming volume, The Bizarre Weird Fiction of Fitz-James O'Brien and Guy de Maupassant }


ON February 26, 1862 Lieutenant Fitz-James O’Brien of the Seventh Regiment of New York Volunteers was reconnoitering a battlefield in Hampshire County, West V...

8 Nov 2013

As the proliferation of podcasts like A Podcast to the Curious, the H.P. Podcraft, the Edgar Allan Poe-cast, and the Yog-Sothoth Podcast can attest, classic supernatural fiction has merged with popular culture. Only two decades ago, Lovecraftian fiction and classic hor...

2 Nov 2013

THREE MILES SOUTH of Berne, Indiana a very conventional bridge fills the gap caused by the yellow arm of the Wabash River that curls between Adams County and Jay County. This bridge has been worn white from the friction of school bus wheels and the heat of the sun whic...

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The Phantom of the Opera: Inspirations, Interpretations, and a Deep Analysis -- a Spooky Spotlight on Gaston Leroux's Gothic Novel

9 Jun 2019

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