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The Yellow Booke.

An annual journal of original horror, ghost stories, & weird fiction --


























-- VOLUME IV. 2016, Hallowe'en --

Swim at Your Own Risk, Shark's Island, Hairy Toes & More Terrors




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Featuring the Talented Work of these Authors:

Mark Nixon, K. C. Hunter, Trevor Hill, Malcolm Campbell, Matthew Gorman,

Taral Wayne, Doug Kemp, Charles Wilkinson, Lee Todd Lacks, 

Patricia Evans, David Levell, Glenn James, Matthew Banks, and Glenndon McDorman
























An Idle Dream, Quite Gone Now
The Barchester Bookshop
The Peer Review Process
The Corruption of Hawkswood
Swim at Your Own Risk
Final Statement of Charles Wallace
Shark's Island
Every Good Neighborhood Has One
Hairy Toes
The King of Silent Passing
In Store
The Apollyon Game
Drawing Above the Breath
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