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Overwhelmingly considered one of the most powerful and influential horror sagas of Western literature, Dracula continues to haunt our imaginations and visit our fantasies.


This new annotated edition builds upon the legacy of those which have preceded it, including fifty chilling and evocative illustrations, annotated maps, and essays on Dracula in film, exciting literary interpretations, and the history, folklore, and literature of vampirism. It is rife with informed and illuminating notes (some 11,112 total) which shed light on the book’s historical context, psychological implications, and mythological symbolism.


Notably, it probes several fascinating literary conspiracy theories, second guesses long-held assumptions, and questions the characters’ typically trusted motives. The result of an in-depth literary, historical, cultural, and psychological analysis of Stoker’s tale, it guarantees an electrifying exploration of the world’s greatest vampire.