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Literary Essays on Gothic Horror, Ghost Stories, & Weird Fiction

from  Mary  Shelley  to  M.  R.  James —

by M. Grant Kellermeyer

S U B S C R I B E:

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"Welcome to my home. Come freely, go safely..." – Oldstyle Tales Press Officially Launches.

Hello, world! Oldstyle Tales Press is up and running and eager to begin its mission to make classic horror interesting and accessible with an engaging aesthetic and elegant design: to make the sort of books we would like to own, ourselves.

Reading the classics should feel like an adventure -- not homework -- and we aim to bring that adventure to your armchair (but caveat emptor: the glass of tawny port and autumn gusts clattering against the casements are not provided).

A plucky, family-owned publisher based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Oldstyle Tales Press specializes in critical, annotated and illustrated editions of classic ghost stories, weird fiction, and gothic horror from the Classical Era of Supernatural Fiction (1795 - 1935).

Check out the website, contribute to the journal, enjoy the books, and leave us your comments and suggestions.


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