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Literary Essays on Gothic Horror, Ghost Stories, & Weird Fiction

from  Mary  Shelley  to  M.  R.  James —

by M. Grant Kellermeyer

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Jonathan Oldstyle Gets a Makeover

On the back of every Oldstyle Tales book, and on the inside of every copyright page, you'll find yourself looking into the blank stare of our resident memorial mascot, Jonathan Oldstyle. Jonathan was the very first illustration I made for the press that bears his name -- the upper portion of an antique headstone complete with a reminder that "Memento Mori." Dating all the way back to February 2013 -- predating even the website -- Jonathan has been a good and loyal friend for almost five years. But it's time for him to have a bit of a makeover, and that's what you'll see on the next book you collect...

(The original Jonathan Oldstyle: 2013 - 2017)

Our production style, standards, and vision has tightened since 2013, and I think it's time that Jonathan benefited from these changes. By New Year's Eve all of our books will come with a made over Jonathan:

He just looks much more chipper! Here's an example of the old book cover...

And the new book covers...

For his years of service, the old Jonathan Oldstyle will remain on the backs on all editions of "The Yellow Booke," where his toothy grin will continue to charm.

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