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31 Classic Horror Stories Every Fan Should Read in October: A Literary Advent Calender for Halloween

Why should Christmas have all the fun? Oldstyle Tales proudly presents a literary advent calendar for your favorite season. Each day has a writer along with the best known work and a link to a lesser known, deeply Halloweenish story that we recommend. And hey, if you're ambitious try reading the masterpiece AND the lesser known story. But be warned: reading 62 horror stories by masters like these can have adverse side effects on your mental health -- so beware!



October 1 –  H. G. Wells.

Known for “The Red Room.”

This year read “The Magic Shop.”

(Click the underlined links to read the stories!)


October 2 – E. F. Benson.

Known for “The Bus Conductor.”

This year read “The Other Bed.”


October 3 – Robert W. Chambers.

Known for “The Yellow Sign.”

This year read “The Messenger.”


October 4 – Algernon Blackwood.

Known for “The Willows.”

This year read “The Kit-Bag”


October 5 – Bernard Capes.

Known for "An Eddy on the Floor."

This year read "The Thing in the Forest."




October 6 – William Hope Hodgson.

  Known for “The Voice in the Night.”

This year read “The Whistling Room.”


October 7 – Ralph Adams Cram.

Known for “The Dead Valley.”

This year read “No. 252 Rue M. Le Prince.”


October 8 – W. W. Jacobs.

Known for “The Monkey’s Paw.”

This year read “The Toll-House.”


 October 9 – H. P. Lovecraft.

Known for “The Call of Cthulhu.”

This year read “The Curse of Yig.”


October 10 – M. R. James.

 Known for “Oh Whistle, and I’ll Come…”

This year read “Wailing Well.”






October 11 – Fitz-James O'Brien.

Known for “What Was It?”

This year read “The Lost Room.”


October 12 – Oliver Onions.

Known for “The Beckoning Fair One.”

This year read “The Cigarette Case.”


October 13 – Edgar Allan Poe.

Known for “Fall of the House of Usher.”

This year read “Berenice.”


October 14 – Bram Stoker.

 Known for “Dracula.”

This year read “The Squaw.”


October 15 – F. Marion Crawford.

Known for “The Upper Berth.”

This year read “For the Blood is the Life.”




October 16 – Rudyard Kipling.

Known for “The Phantom Rickshaw.”

...Read “At the End of the Passage.”


October 17 – Guy de Maupassant.

Known for “The Horla.”

This year read “The Spectre.”


October 18 – J. Sheridan Le Fanu.

Known for “Carmilla.”

Read “Strange Disturbances in Aungier St.”


October 19 – Washington Irving.

 Known for “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.”

Read “Guests from Gibbet Island.”


October 20 – Arthur Machen.

Known for “The Great God Pan.”

This year read “The White Powder.”




October 21 – Henry James.

Known for “The Turn of the Scew.”

This year read “The Ghostly Rental.”


October 22 – E. Nesbit.

Known for “Man-Size in Marble.”

This year read “The Power of Darkness.”


October 23 – Edith Wharton.

 Known for “Afterward.”

This year read “The Lady’s Maid’s Bell.”


October 24 – Robert L. Stevenson.

Known for “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.”

This year read “Thrawn Janet.”


MXLLSOctober 25 – Mary W. Shelley.

Known for “Frankenstein.”

This year read “Transformation.”




October 26 – Rhoda Broughton.

Known for “The Man with the Nose.”

This year read “...Nothing But the Truth.”


October 27 – Arthur Conan Doyle.

Known for “Lot No. 249.”

This year read “John Barrington Cowles.”


October 28 – Charles Dickens.

Known for “The Signal-Man.”

This year read “To Be Read at Dusk.”


October 29 – Amelia B. Edwards.

Known for “The Phantom Coach.”

This year read “Was It an Illusion”?


October 30 – Margaret Oliphant.

Known for “The Open Door.”

This year read “The Library Window.”


October 31 – Ambrose Bierce.

Known for “The Death of Halpin Frayser.”

This year read “Some Haunted Houses.”





Safe reading to you!

And have a very Happy Hallowe'en...






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